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37 Weeks Update

37 Weeks Update


I can't believe I'm already 37 weeks... This pregnancy has flown by, literally! I'm feeling a bit tired, both mentally and physically and quite nervous for the delivery. Probably because it's my second time being pregnant and I know what to expect. But one thing is for sure, I'm so ready to meet our little rosebud...

Here is a little recap of what's been going on lately:

Maternity clothes: Definitely! Although I'm still wearing my beloved Zara blazers and basic tank tops, H&M jeans and biker pants have been well loved throughout this whole pregnancy. I also bought a few bits and bobs from Asos which I enjoyed a lot. My 'uniform' these days is a pair of skinny jeans, white tank top or white t-shirt with a blazer thrown on top to look a bit more elegant. Around the house I'm living in pregnancy leggings and joggers. So comfy!

Stretch marks: Not yet. I haven't had any during my last pregnancy either so I doubt I will get any for this one, especially so late. I'm very lucky on that note although I wouldn't see them as a big deal. 

Have you started to show up yet: Ermmm... duh! Feeling like I've been expecting twins for the last 15 months. :-)

Sleep: I've slept really well throughout my whole pregnancy but I find it really difficult now, especially with 3 to 4 trips to the bathroom each night. 

Labor signs: Not yet. A few Braxton-Hicks here and there (especially towards the end of the day) but I make sure to drink plenty of water to reduce them. That's a great tip my doctor gave me, not a lot of women actually know about it but it does really help. 

What maternity item can't you be without: Definitely my giant sleeping pillow from DOOMOO. Couldn't sleep without it. It's also great to stick behind your back when you watch TV or read in bed plus it will be useful for breastfeeding. Highly recommend!

Underwired or non-wired: Still wearing my Victoria's Secret wired bras (a few cups larger though!).

Any lifesavers: Coconut oil. I've been slathering it all over my body every night, it's doing wonders at keeping my sensitive skin supple and non-itchy. I've also been using it to remove my makeup as it's so gentle. I've been an advocate of coconut oil for years anyway and will continue to use it after the delivery.

Belly button in or out: Definitely POPPED! 

Wedding rings on or off: Still on.

Missing anything: Sushis, coffee, being able to walk long distances, putting shoes on by myself and using essential oils in my daily beauty regime. 

Movements: A lot! 

Food cravings: Not really... although I've been craving a chocolate croissant for weeks now. I think it's time to cave in...

Anything making you sick or queasy: Nope.

Gender: Girl :-)

Happy or moody most of the time: A wild blend of emotions to be honest... Our situation is very difficult but we are extremely grateful and excited to meet her. 

Looking forward to: I can't wait to see if she looks like our Benji and play with her little toes...

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