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39 Weeks Update

39 Weeks Update

That's it! Baby girl is thoroughly cooked! We are officially full term and a lot of things have changed these past two weeks. It's incredible how symptoms evolve in just a few days... 

Maternity clothes: Still on of course although I'm spending most of the time home in my comfy joggers. The warm weather has arrived fast and furious in Dubai and I can't wait to wear maxi skirts and linen trousers again. Those over-the-belly maternity jeans are keeping me way too hot! I kept my pregnancy wardrobe quite minimal so I'm really getting sick of wearing the same pieces over and over again.

Stretch marks: Still none to report. Yay for good genes and coconut oil!

Have you started to show up yet: Let's say that people don't look at me in the eyes anymore. The first thing you notice is my big belly and a waitress in my favorite coffee shop told me a couple of days ago : "Wow ma'am, you've been pregnant for a looooong time!" Same feeling girl... same.

Sleep: It's been quite bad I must say. I'm still waking up numerous times at night to empty my squashed bladder and I find it very difficult to fall back asleep. It has also become a challenge to find a comfortable position although I still cherish my Doomoo cushion. 

Labor signs: Yes, and that's the main update since last time. I've had really strong Braxton-Hicks contractions for 3 days in a row but they don't seem to increase in intensity so they are not the real thang. I can definitely feel a lot more pressure in my pelvic area and although it might be TMI, my mucus plug is gone which means it could be any day now!

What maternity item can't you be without: As I said previously I'm still in a committed relationship with my pregnancy cushion and wait for it... espadrilles! Yup, big girl can't lace up her shoes anymore... 

Wired or non-wired: Let's say that home is where the bra comes off. :-)

Any lifesavers: Hubby! Ahhh what would I be without him? He managed to take time off before the big day and I'm so grateful because he helps me a lot around the house and is a wonderful cook. #spoiltbrat

Belly button in or out: Out to the point I'm wondering if it's ever going to go back in... 

Wedding rings on or off: Still on. I haven't experienced any swelling at all. 

Missing anything: I just miss the old me at this point. I'm so over the fact that I can't move as easily as before but I know it's for a good cause and there is a huge reward at the end. 

Movements: Yes of course but I can tell she is really squeezed in there and she can't dance as much as she used to. 

Food cravings: Nothing special... I feel full so quickly that food doesn't really 'excite' me at the moment. 

Anything making you sick or queasy: People that don't wear deodorant... but that's a common thing in Dubai. :-)

Gender: Girl... and daddy couldn't be happier!

Happy or moody most of the time: Nervous, grateful, happy, terrified... all at the same time. 

Looking forward to: Be a family of four...  

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