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Why I Switched To A Menstrual Cup? (And Why You Should Too!)

Why I Switched To A Menstrual Cup? (And Why You Should Too!)

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I've been meaning to write a post like this for a long time but been hesitant.
Periods are still a bit of a taboo subject in 2018... Some people might think it's 'too much information' but at the end of the day we are all women here (for the most part at least!) and periods are something we have to deal with every month so why not break the silence?

The menstrual cup is a little device I've known for years but was very reluctant to use at first. Like most girls I thought it was weird (borderline dirty) and that it would hurt. I finally took the plunge two years ago and let me tell you... it has made my life so much easier! I regret not trying it earlier.

After a long research I've decided to switch to a cup because it's more hygienic, more eco-friendly and most importantly better for my health. Have you ever thought about what's in your tampons/pads? Well let me tell you, it's pretty scary! They are loaded with chemicals, odour neutralizers, dyes and pesticides. Not really something you want to put inside of you as your vaginal wall is so permeable. I've linked a very eye-opening article here if you want to learn more. 
If you are not familiar with the cup yet let me explain you what it is...

The cup is an internal menstrual protection made of medical grade silicone that's designed to collect the blood rather than absorbing it (like a tampon or a pad). 
It's much more hygienic than using disposables. When the blood is absorbed into a tampon or a pad it can start to smell very quickly and grow bacteria that can lead to the dreaded toxic shock syndrome (which can be fatal in some cases). 

It's also a lot more eco-friendly if you think about it. Tampons can only be used once, the menstrual cup can be used for years if you take good care of it. I've done my little research and apparently during her lifetime the average woman will use 9600 tampons! How crazy is that? (And don't get me started on packagings). What a waste of money and how terrible for the environment?

The cup is also a lot more convenient to use. You can leave it for longer periods of time than a tampon. Tampons are not supposed to be worn for more than 3-4 hours but honestly, how many of you have slept with a tampon? I know I did!

It's actually very easy to use and not as intimidating as it seems. It can be a bit tricky at the beginning but with a bit of practice it becomes second nature. Don't try it for the first time if you are in a hurry in the morning let's say! If you do it properly you shouldn't feel your cup at all. If you feel some kind of discomfort it means something went wrong. They can sit well for 6-10 hours according to manufacturers. When I'm home I check it every 4 hours approximately but I've done many long haul flights with it and it gave me so much freedom. You can leave it for up to 8 hours I would say without any problem and feel fresh. You can go to the gym, swim, go to the beach without anyone noticing. It's a life changer really! 

Before using it I always boil it in water for 5 minutes. That way it's nice and sterilized. Each time I empty it during the day I wash my hands properly, give it a quick rinse and pat it dry with a clean tissue. I actually own two so I always have a clean one on the go. I always make sure to wash it thoroughly at the end of my periods and boil it again before storing it in a little pouch/box. They usually come with those storage systems. 

Most brands come in two sizes. If you are a young girl you are supposed to go for the small one. If you already have kids then you should opt for the bigger size (or if you have a heavy flow). 

I hope this post was helpful and opened your eyes if you were considering using a cup. I personally would never ever go back to tampons!

Please let me know if you have any questions, I would be very happy to answer them! Also, if you are already using a cup please share your experience. It could be very helpful to others! 

Until next time... :-)

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