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Les Petits Soins d'Amélie...

Les Petits Soins d'Amélie...

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I don't know why but this title sounds so much better in French... :-)

This blog revolves a lot around beauty and motherhood so I guess it's only fair to talk about what I use on Amélie as well. Like for myself I want to keep her little routine as simple as possible and use products that are on the more natural side. As you will see I mainly stick to a couple of brands for her skincare, Mustela and Weleda, because they have clean formulas, they smell delicious and they really work for us! 


First things first... diapers. Without a doubt the thing you go through at the speed of light as a parent! I used Pampers with my son and the first six months with Amélie but came across this cool brand LILLYDOO on Instagram. After doing my research I realised they were not available in Belgium (correct me if I'm wrong) so when I spotted them in Germany I bought two packs, without any expectations, just to try them out. Well... I haven't bought a single pack of Pampers since that day!

LILLYDOO is a very clean, eco-friendly brand for babies. The diapers don't contain any perfume, lotion nor chemicals. They are also a lot more soft than Pampers! That's the first thing I noticed when I started using them. They are a lot more flexible and feel less plastic-ey (not sure it's a word but you get the idea). Amélie can't express herself yet but I'm pretty sure that if she could speak she would say that these are a lot more pleasant to wear! They are made of a very breathable material that allows the air to circulate better and reduce the risk of any rash. Although Pampers is the leading brand on the market I often had leakages with them. I never had a single accident with LILLYDOO so far. She sleeps very well through the night (around 13 hours straight, lucky mum I know!) and her pyjamas are never ever wet when she wakes up in the morning.
They come in a variety of cute designs, which is a detail I know, but it's a nice little touch and looks cute on pictures! Is there anything more precious than a freshly washed baby wearing a nappy? I don't think so! 
My husband and I go to Germany on a regular basis so I always stock up. I buy them at DM, a fantastic drugstore that sells makeup, skincare, baby products and healthy foods at unbeatable prices. I highly recommend them if you are looking for a cleaner, more gentle protection for your little one. 

The second thing that goes hand in hand with diapers is wipes. I know it's a bit of a controversy and some mums are against them but they are a must in our household. Yes you can use water and cotton rounds, but when you are on the go wipes are a life saver! I'm using the WATER WIPES, which I'm sure most of you know already. They are basically 99,9% of water with a touch of fruit extract. I don't think you can get any better than that. They are thick, soft and saturated from the start to the bottom of the pack. I buy them in bulk on Amazon. 
Most wipes on the market are loaded with chemicals (yes Pampers, yes Johnsons, I'm talking about you!). It always makes me very angry when I read on packs that they are 'natural', 'gentle' and 'safe' for babies when all I see is toxic substances on the ingredient list. That's exactly why I opted for these. The only thing I don't like is the packaging. I wish each pack came with a plastic lid so you don't end up with 3 wipes in hand everytime you reach for one. I find it very annoying and feel that the packaging could definitely benefit from a new design. Apart from that I think they are fantastic (I even removed my makeup with them once in the car!).

For nappy cream I use the Weleda White Mallow. As you know I love love love Weleda. Their approach on skincare really appeals to me. I use a lot of their products on myself as well.  
Now, I don't use this a lot to be honest because Amélie doesn't have sensitive skin and rarely gets nappy rashes, only if she is teething really badly. This cream is very gentle and is formulated for hypersensitive and atopic skins. It contains mallow, sesame, beeswax and coconut oil. There is no perfume, nothing irritating and it does wonders at soothing a tiny irritated bum bum.

Bath time is a mix of Mustela Gentle Cleansing Gel for Hair and Body and Weleda Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash. Mustela products are formulated without any paraben, phthalate nor phenoxyethanol and are hypoallergenic. Formula-wise Weleda is a bit superior but Mustela does the best baby scent in my opinion. It brings me so many memories as it's all I used on Benjamin...  

For toothpaste I use the Weleda Children's Tooth Gel. There is nothing harmful in this toothpaste, only organic calendula flower extracts, silica and natural flavours of fennel and spearmint. It's safe if swallowed and doesn't contain any fluoride. 

For body lotion I use the Mustela Hydra Bébé. Again, best smelling lotion on the market! It's very moisturising and not too sticky. I don't use it everyday, only when her skin feels a little dry especially during the colder months. For the face I really like the Weleda Face Cream. It's very hydrating but absorbs quickly and leaves her skin very soft. I've used it quite a lot last winter, we had freezing weather for a few weeks and it kept her skin supple and comfortable. I've used it on my hands too, it works like a charm!

If I want to refresh her skin in the morning I use the Mustela Soothing Cleansing Water. It's also good for a stubborn number two :-). This one is for sensitive skin and doesn't contain any perfume. It's convenient to wipe her face after a meal or those sticky little hands that go everywhere!

Miss Amélie has her own little perfume. Yes Madame! Mustela Eau de Musti of course! Did I mention how much I love this scent? Haha! Even though it's alcohol free and formulated for delicate skins I don't spray it directly on her, just on her clothes. It smells delicious! 

I also always have a spray of Avène Thermal Water. It's one of my most repurchased products. I use it when we are out and about to refresh her if it's hot (I used it a lot during the heatwave and always have a travel size in her changing bag). 

I just realised I forgot to include her sun protection on the picture but I use the Weleda Edelweiss Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 Sensitive. It's a waterproof protection with non-nano mineral UV filters. It's the cleanest formula I could find. To be honest it's rather thick and leaves a terrible white cast but I would rather deal with it than exposing her unprotected. 

That's it for my little round up mummies. Well done if you made it this far! 
Let me know if you use any of these products or if you have any recommendation, especially for natural brands. 

Until next time... 

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