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5 Reasons Why I Love Living In The Countryside

5 Reasons Why I Love Living In The Countryside

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As much as I love big cities (and lived in big ones throughout my expat life) I would still consider myself a country girl! Urban life is very exciting and always buzzing but there is something about coming home. We’ve been back for almost a year and a half now and today I’ve pulled up a list of 5 reasons why I love living in the countryside!

It’s good for the soul. Living in the countryside makes you more mindful, wether you want it or not. You notice small things like the leaves changing colors, the birds singing, the smell of the freshly cut grass… I’ve taken these things for granted in the past but after living in urban surroundings for twelve years I can tell you that I’ve missed them! You live at a slower pace which I think is a huge privilege in this crazy world. Forest walks and outdoor activities are part of our daily routine, a total luxury especially when you have kids.


The views are better. Obviously you are surrounded by nature, open spaces and beautiful landscapes. You can enjoy proper sunrises and sunsets. What a joy every morning to open your windows and see trees, sheeps and endless shades of green! No noisy construction works, no skyscrapers, no concrete jungle blocking your view… In the countryside you also have more space. More space means bigger homes, bigger gardens and a lot more privacy!

There is no traffic jams, which means you don’t end up wasting your precious time in school runs or work commutes. When I used to live in Dubai I lost an average of 2 hours per day just for the school run. I love my kids to pieces but I would rather spend quality time with them rather than being stuck in traffic. Driving to nursery now takes me 10 minutes, what a treat!

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The quality of life is better. For the whole family! The air is fresher, cleaner, you have less risks of allergies and the quality of food is better. You can shop local products (or even grow your own). Organic fruits and veggies are readily accessible. Also there are less fast-foods and restaurants which means fewer temptations to eat out or to order takeaways. You will save lots of money and do your health a big favour by cooking fresh nutritious foods instead. Win win!

People are usually kinder, closer and friendlier. Life is not as stressful in the countryside and you can feel a real sense of community. Definitely not something you will find in big cities. Everybody knows you by your name. You never go to the supermarket without seeing somebody you know! Small towns offer clubs such as walking, cycling or running. It goes without saying that clubs like these will have a positive impact on leading a healthier lifestyle. The crime rate in rural areas is also not as high as in urban areas, which makes them safer places to raise our children.


Nature has done wonders for my soul since losing my son… Moving back home was the best decision we made. I feel the most connected to him whenever I’m spending time in the forest. It might sound ridiculous to some but it’s what keeps me sane…

Are you a city girl or a country girl? What do you like the most about it? :-)

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