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5 Things You Should Do Every Sunday

5 Things You Should Do Every Sunday

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Sundays are certainly made to be savoured but it doesn’t mean that we can’t be productive during the weekend…
Have you ever heard the saying ‘A Sunday well spent brings a week of content’?
Today I’ve decided to round up 5 habits I’ve started doing since the beginning of January. So far they’ve helped me a lot to start the week off right!

  1. Meal Prep. I hate cooking, there you go, I’ve said it! I love baking healthy treats but cooking is a chore for me! I like to prepare my week in advance by cooking a few meals in bigger quantities in order to save time during the week. Let’s face it, the last thing we want to do after a busy day is to go grocery shopping and start a meal from scratch. It allows me to have more time to play with Amélie, relax with my husband or indulge in a good book. Sunday is usually the day where I prep my celery for the week ahead. I wash it and chop it in small chunks. I also love to bake a healthy treat of some sort. Usually a banana bread or some bliss balls to satisfy my sweet tooth. It’s a great way to keep on top of my nutritious eating and not be tempted by unhealthy options.

  2. Plan your week ahead. I like to go through my agenda and check Amélie’s schedule for nursery as it varies from week to week, check if I I have any appointments, workouts or important bills that need to be paid the following days. It’s a good way to reduce my stress and feel in control of what’s happening during the week. As you know my husband travels a lot for his work so I need to be on top of things and rely on myself exclusively quite often! I’m a bit of a control freak so planning my week is an absolute must for me. I have a big magnetic board from good old IKEA in my kitchen and like to write everything down. That way I’m seeing my schedule constantly and I’m not forgetting anything.

  3. Have a pampering session. Most Sundays are makeup-free days for me. I like to let my skin breathe, give myself a facial, do a hair mask, a scrub, a manicure… you get the gist, mama needs her ‘me time’! I truly believe that when we feel good we do good!

  4. Tidy up your space. As I said (and my husband would confirm!) I’m a bit of a control freak. If my space is disorganised or cluttered I can’t function. Although I do maintain a clean house on an everyday basis I like to tackle bigger tasks every Saturday or Sunday. I like to start the week with a tidy house, clean sheets and freshly washed makeup brushes! I’m way more productive when I feel in control of my surroundings…

  5. Unwind, relax! Obviously :-) Sundays are made to chill and recharge our batteries. When I’m done with my chores I like to go for a long walk. As you know if you read my article about ‘Why I Love Living In The Countryside’ nature plays a huge role to maintain a good mindset. There is nothing more relaxing to me then putting my boots on and going outdoors. Walks never fail to lift up my mood and lower my stress levels. Nature grounds me and makes me fly at the same time! If the weather is really against me then I like to listen to an audiobook, watch a movie or Youtube videos. Whatever floats my boat that day!

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What does your Sunday look like? Are you a planner like me or you just like to go with the flow? :-)

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