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How I Improve My Skin While I Sleep

How I Improve My Skin While I Sleep


If you saw my morning routine you know that my skincare regime is very straight to the point. I like to keep it simple. I would still consider myself as a minimalist when it comes to evening time but wether I like it or not years are passing by and my skin needs a little bit more TLC nowadays.
I’ve really started to focus on serums a couple of years ago, they are my favorite category of products when it comes to skincare.

The reason why I like to mainly focus on serums is because they are the most interesting in terms of performances. They usually are formulated with a higher concentration of active ingredients, which means they are the most powerful step in our routine. We only need a few drops to cover our entire face and the texture is lighter than a moisturiser, which is why they are applied directly after cleansing. If you are still a bit confused on how you should be applying your products just know that lightweight textures go first because they are the thinnest. Moisturisers then oils come at the end to lock everything in place.

After a few trials and errors I’ve finally found a little army that keeps my skin very happy so today let me share what’s been working for me…

First of all let me tell you that this isn’t a sponsored post. I’ve never done any and I would tell you if it was the case. I’m genuinely in love with Caudalie, hence why my whole routine consists of their products. I love the brand because they use good ingredients, they are mostly clean, effective and even though it’s not the cheapest on the market it’s still very affordable. You truly get what you pay for with Caudalie.

Night time is when our skin repairs itself, therefore the best time to incorporate serums and oils in our routine.

Here are the 4 products in no particular order. I alternate them (according to my needs and the season) or even layer them whenever I feel like it!


CAUDALIE RADIANCE SERUM COMPLEXION CORRECTING : I’ve been using this one since September 2017, so a bit over a year. Having lived in Dubai left me with a few sun spots on my forehead. They were nothing major but I could notice some pigmentation creeping in. I’ve started noticing results after the second bottle (this is my fourth!). It has significantly reduced the dark spots on my forehead and improved my overall skin tone. My complexion is more even and a little bit brighter dare I say? Like with anything else you have to be consistent if you want to notice results. I’ve had people telling me that this serum didn’t work for them but consistency is the key. Sometimes it takes months for a product to be effective so don’t give up!
The texture is very lightweight and absorbs instantly into the skin. It has the most delicious fresh scent and isn’t sticky at all. You can also layer it under your SPF during the day to help prevent sun damage.

CAUDALIE GLOW ACTIVATING ANTI-WRINKLE SERUM : I’m only a few days away from turning 38 (Eeeekkk!) and I can definitely see signs of ageing. I have a few lines around my eyes and mouth. Although I don’t think there are any magic potions that will photoshop my face (maybe botox or injections but I don’t want to play with that) I believe that taking care and maintaining what you have is very important. Eating healthy, drinking lots of water, avoiding smoking and getting enough sleep of course is essential. This serum is packed with anti-oxidant polyphenols and therefore helps to protect the skin from daily agressions like pollution and stress. It helps restoring a new healthy glow and I mean… who wouldn’t want that? :-)
I like it a lot, like all Caudalie serums it’s extremely lightweight and non-sticky. My skin drinks it, it’s more plump in the morning, smoother and refreshed.

CAUDALIE S.O.S THIRST QUENCHING SERUM : The one I’ve been using and loving for the longest time. Then you know how it goes, something new comes out, you try it and forget about what you loved previously…
I recently came across this when I was shopping for an eye cream and instantly grabbed it. Why did I ever stop using this? I have no idea but I’m glad it’s back in my life! I always compare this serum to a glass of water for the face. I love using it after cleansing. It instantly gets rid of the tightness you might experience and brings the skin back to a good level of comfort. It’s great on its own during summer when you only need a light moisturiser and amazing layered under another moisturiser or an oil during fall/winter. That’s exactly what I’m doing at the moment as temperatures are dropping, I layer it at night under my next and final product, the oil.

CAUDALIE VINEACTIV OVERNIGHT DETOX OIL : This one is the newest addition to my skincare regimen but I’m already loving it. After using 2 bottles of the Khiels Midnight Recovery Concentrate (which I LOVE!) I’ve decided to switch to this oil as it’s easier to find where I live. I know I could order the Khiels one online but I’m so delighted with my Caudalie routine that it was a no brainer to opt for this one instead.
This oil is basically a little multi-tasker. It’s infused with anti-oxidant grape-seed, regenerating rose hip, purifying neroli, soothing lavender and detoxifying carrot oils. What a cocktail! It’s 100% plant-based and promotes cellular renewal and toxin elimination, that’s why I love to use it at night.
If you are scared of oils don’t be, it’s not sticky at all. I know a lot of people are scared to use oils on their faces. They think it’s going to clog their pores and make their skin even oilier but oils actually help to balance the skin out. I use 5 or 6 drops and pat them onto my skin as a final step. My tired-mommy-skin loves it and wakes up refreshed every morning! I can really see a difference when I don’t use it. It smoothes the skin, makes it super soft to the touch and reduces the redness I tend to have on my cheeks around this time of the year. It’s very nourishing but not greasy. It sinks straight into the skin. I would highly recommend it, especially now that it’s getting a lot colder.

I hope this post was helpful and gave you some tips or recommendations if you are still trying to build your perfect skincare routine!

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products I would love to read your feedback!

Until next time…

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