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6 Ways To Style Your CHANEL Brooch

6 Ways To Style Your CHANEL Brooch

For the longest time I thought brooches were something for… dare I say it… old farts?
I’m joking here but you rarely see them on young, edgy people. My prejudice ended the day I spotted some really beautiful pieces at CHANEL’s. As shallow as it sounds CHANEL is the only brand that makes my heart skip a beat and at the end of the day you have to do/wear what makes YOU happy!

My hubby surprised me with a brooch two years ago towards the end of my pregnancy. Well, I say ‘surprised’ but I dropped massive hints for weeks! It’s been a staple in my wardrobe since then. I wear it a lot, more than I thought I would. To me it’s a magical little accessory that can elevate my outfit instantly and transform it from ‘boring’ to ‘fabulous’… a bit like red lipstick!

Obviously the possibilities are endless depending on your style and how creative you get but here are six ways I’ve been styling and enjoying mine so far…

That’s how I started to style it. This way of pinning a brooch will never get old and will take an old blazer to the next level. Bear with my big belly, I was 38 weeks pregnant here and feeling very emotional thinking Amélie was in there. :-)

Broche 1.jpg
Broche 2.jpg

If you think brooches only look good on chunky knits or coats well I’m sorry but you are wrong! Think outside the box and recycle your little dresses by accessorising them in unexpected ways! Always be careful with light fabrics though as they can leave marks on your clothes...

Broche 3.jpg

Not my usual style but how fabulous does it look? You can also wear them on your everyday wool or cashmere beanies to make them look a bit more stylish.


A boring plain scarf? Take it to the next level and stick a little bit of bling bling on it! It’s also quite useful to maintain it in place if you wrapped it a certain way.


Obviously this is one of the most popular ways to style a brooch. During the colder months your coat is the focus of your outfit so make a statement and stick a brooch on it!

Broche sur balcon.jpg

A no brainer but I love how it transforms a boring cashmere turtle neck into something a bit more chic…

black and brooch.jpg
Chanel 1.jpg

There you go, six ways to style your brooch. Hopefully this gives you a little bit of inspiration and will motivate you to wear yours more often!

Until next time… :-)

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