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My Winter Scent : Tom Ford Santal Blush

My Winter Scent : Tom Ford Santal Blush


Hey everyone!

It’s been a hot minute since I talked about fragrance around here…
You might not know it but I’m addicted to perfumes. I’m a very picky customer and love niche fragrances. I like to be different and smell different. :-)
My obsession really started when I moved to the UAE in 2013. Perfume is very serious in the Middle East. Probably as serious as bacon and fries are in the US!

Middle Eastern customers have really high standards when it comes to fragrances and enjoy exclusive perfume collections. This is the reason why many luxurious perfume brands like Tom Ford, Armani, Byredo, Dior etc… launch ‘private’ collections of their own because they are more appreciated in oriental countries. I’ve tried many brands during my time there and loved experimenting with private collections. Dior ‘La Colle Noire’ and Carolina Herrera ‘Burning Rose’ are two favourites of mine which I used up till the last drop.

This winter I really wanted to find a deep, intoxicating fragrance. As I couldn’t find anything that I really loved amongst traditional brands I dipped my toes in the Tom Ford private collection…
Tom Ford fragrances are a bit of a hit and miss for me. I love some of them (Black Orchid is very close to my heart and will always bring back beautiful memories) and can’t stand others.

After a long deliberation (probably 3 trips to the store as it takes a few tries to figure out) my heart settled on Santal Blush. This is pure magic! A masterpiece of blending…
This is an extremely unique and complex scent but somehow all the notes blend together beautifully without clashing against each other. This is the kind of fragrance where skin chemistry is very important, hence why I tried it a few times before committing to it. I got it for my birthday mid-december and is pretty much all I’ve been wearing ever since. I’m not the best at describing scents but this had to be featured on my blog so here it goes!

According to Tom Ford the notes are :

Top: Indian spices, cumin, cinnamon, carrot seeds and fenugreek.
Heart: Jasmine, yang-ylang and rose.
Base: Sandalwood, cedar, benzoin, musk and oud.

I mostly get sandalwood and pencil shavings at first sniff and I love it. The cinnamon and cumin notes make it a bit more spicy but not in a stinky way. The floral notes polish everything off and make the whole blend very creamy and refined. The staying power is a dream, it’s the kind of fragrance you can smell on your coat for days! It’s comforting, warm, sensual and evoke a relaxing feeling.

Tom Ford.jpg

To me Santal Blush is a winter scent. It works beautifully on these cold frosty days. It’s very strong and potent, I can’t see myself wearing it on a hot humid day.

If you find those kind of scents not wearable and too strong here is a little tip: don’t spray them directly on your skin. Just spray them a couple of times in the air and enter the cloud. That way the scent will distribute evenly across your body and will leave you with a more delicate sillage. You don’t want to intoxicate people around you (been there, done that!). You can also directly spray your brush and run it through your hair. It’s another subtle way to wear those strong fragrances without feeling overwhelmed.

To me Santal Blush is captivating, soothing and spicy at the same time. I adore the apothecary looking pink tinted bottle. It’s so simple and looks beautiful displayed on my vanity table. A very pricey fragrance but as I said the staying power is incredible so I don’t see myself running out anytime soon!

Have you tried Santal Blush? What is your current fragrance?

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