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Is The Celery Juice Trend A Hype? 7 Reasons Why I Think It's Not!

Is The Celery Juice Trend A Hype? 7 Reasons Why I Think It's Not!

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You guys are always interested (and very curious!) whenever I post stories on IG about celery juice so I guess it’s time to do a proper update about the whole thing! If you remember I’ve talked about it a few weeks ago here and promised to update you once I’ve started noticing results.

I know celery juice is the new health craze and a huge trend on social media nowadays but to be honest it makes me angry when I see articles on the internet like “Is The Celery Juice Hype Even Real?”.
The truth is, media loves to knock down what it doesn’t understand. It makes me sad because celery juice does have amazing healing properties. If you educate yourself and do some research you will find hundreds of testimonials out there from ‘real’ people, with ‘real’ stories. Some of them are quite mind-blowing…

I’m also writing this article to answer all your questions. I literally get asked a dozen of times if I notice any benefits or improvements each time I mention celery juice!
As you know there is no bullshit on this blog. I’m not here to promote anything, I’m not here to sell you anything. I’m just here to share what I love, what I believe in and what works for me in the most humble way. Health and nutrition are subjects I’ve been passionate about for years. I’m in no way a health expert nor a doctor so always do your research before trying anything new. One of my goals in life is to nourish my body in the best way I can and live as much of a non toxic life as possible. With celery juice I’m cleansing my body from the inside out.
We are all different, my journey won’t necessarily be the same as yours but here are the benefits I’ve noticed so far after 73 days of juicing EVERY - SINGLE - MORNING:

My digestion has never felt better. Celery juice increases the production of hydrochloric acid (the good acid) in the stomach so foods digest a lot easier and don’t putrefy. I never thought I had any digestion issues but I don’t get this feeling of fullness after a meal anymore.

I have more energy and less sugar cravings. Celery juice provides electrolytes which can take those stubborn sugar cravings down. I have a lot more energy and don’t feel as sluggish as I used to. The chlorophyll contained in celery helps to bring oxygen to the blood and therefore boosts your energy. It fuels me before my workouts and deeply hydrates my body.

My hair is not falling like it used to. I wash my hair everyday and I can see how much I’m losing on a daily basis. Since I’ve started celery juice I have little to no hair loss. There is barely any hair in my brush whenever I detangle it after my shower.

I don’t get headaches anymore. Maybe a bit TMI but I’m here to tell you the truth after all. I always had headaches during my time of the month. I also used to have headaches mi-cycle when I was ovulating and they are completely gone.

My eyes are brighter. And by that I mean that the white parts have less red lines in them and aren’t as yellow as they used to be (not that they were crazy yellow but I can see a difference). It probably comes to the fact that incorporating lots of greens in your diet helps to detoxify the body.

My morning breath is odourless. Even though my oral hygiene is very good (I’m super anal about my teeth) my breath wasn’t fresh when I woke up. It’s something a lot of us deal with and most of the time it comes down to stomach issues. I guess it’s related to what I mentioned earlier about digestion and the foods not putrefying. It’s getting glamorous I know… :-)

Last but not least, I feel less anxious. Even though it’s not something I feel comfortable to talk about I think it’s very important to mention. Most of you know what happened to us three years ago. If you are new here feel free to read this article. I’ve suffered with serious anxiety since then. I’ve always refused to take any medication. I don’t believe in anti-depressants and never will. I don’t want to offend anyone here but I value my body way too much to numb it (and my emotions by the same occasion) with pills. I’ve done a lot of work on myself to keep on top of it. Lately I find I’m doing a lot better and started to question what things I’ve done differently. The only thing I see is celery juice. You might think it’s funny but actually we tend to hold a lot of fear in our gut. Anxiety can run deep through the nervous system and putting our gut in knots. By restoring the entire digestive system celery can help our mind and heart to feel at ease as well. Now I’m not saying that my life is all rainbows and butterflies today but I can definitely see a difference in the way I feel mentally. My anxiety is not as bad as it used to be two months ago. I know many of us deal with anxiety and panic attacks nowadays so it might be something to look into before falling in the trap of nasty medication.

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Juicing is not a joke. It’s a daily commitment and requires quite a lot of discipline. Sometimes you guys tell me I’m crazy and that you couldn’t do it…
My biggest advice to stay consistent with this is to prep the day before. Prepping ahead is crucial if you want to sustain that lifestyle. I buy my celery in bulk (usually 5 or 6 bunches at a time). I wash it and chop it as soon as I come back from grocery shopping and store it in a huge air-tied container in my fridge. The next morning when I wake up I just need to throw it in my juicer. It makes things way easier and saves me time. Celery stays nice and fresh for up to 6 days I would say but we always consume it before it has time to go bad!

Some of you also complain about the cleaning part… Yes, it takes a good 10 minutes to clean my juicer as well! It’s annoying for me too you know, especially when I am in a hurry and have to leave the house early but to me the benefits outweigh the negatives. If you want something you never had, you need to do something you’ve never done! It’s so worth it, so don’t be lazy and set your alarm 10 minutes earlier. :-)

Also, I get a ton of questions about which juicer I use. It’s from the brand DEJELIN. I bought it here in Belgium in a store called Vanden Borre. I opted for a slow juicer because it uses a ‘slow squeeze technology’. To make it simple it squeezes out the juice the same way you would by hand. Instead of shredding your fruits and veggies with high-speed blades (like a traditional juicer would do) this one has a natural motion that minimizes the damages to the ingredients and keeps their natural taste and nutrition intact. The juice retains its natural color and cellular structure, which means you get all the benefits and vitamins. A bit pricey but I would highly recommend it.

I hope this answers all your questions. Obviously celery juice is not a miracle on its own and has to be combined with a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet if you want to see significant changes in your health. My body craves it now and I look forward to it every morning when my alarm goes off!
Don’t hesitate to leave a comment if there is anything else you would like to know. If you are already a celery juice drinker I would love to know the benefits you’ve noticed. It could be useful to other readers too!

If you made it this far thank you for reading… :-)

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